Trainings and workshops are added value for your developers. We provide complete hands-on sessions with the whole team. After an initial overview of the needs, a practical approach is often the best way to get problems solved. Together we take a look at latest technologies using live demo nodes directly set up for HA use. TTSS is an active leader in various open source communities offering workshops, trainings, and meetups to promote community growth and involvement. We offer public hands-on Docker, Kubernetes, and Ansible training for companies adopting the cloud, DevOps practices and containers (including container orchestration and microservices). Save time and get up to speed on the technical know-how of these concepts and tools in just a few days.

We look forward to having you take part in our knowledge sharing during our expert-led workshops!

Docker and Kubernetes

In this workshop we'll cover the basics of Kubernetes. It starts from introducing services and pods, showing different storing states and persistent disk solutions up to deployment concepts like A/B and rolling. We will take also a look at some deeper concepts like Autoscaling and load balancing.

Dive in

Infrastructure as Code

Automation is the key to modern infrastructure management. In this workshop we'll take a closer look on how Ansible can handle most of these tasks. From inventory files to Ansible Vault, we are going to dive in to custom automation use cases. Learning by doing is the key here.

Enable Automation

DevOps Philosophy

You will learn how your company can adopt DevOps, containers and cloud computing. We start from the basic concepts about why DevOps is a huge benefit if done the right way. We'll discuss game-changer technologies and how they can be introduced without pain to your team.

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