TTSS helps people migrate to the cloud and take full advantage of the new world it offers. We consult, design, build and proactively manage the right infrastructure and automation tooling for clients to achieve this. We help enterprise organizations adopt DevOps, containers and cloud computing and accelerate innovation through the adoption of modern approaches to software delivery.

Rancher / OpenShift & Kubernetes

We provide Rancher 2 / OpenShift server based HA environments, on premise or in the public cloud, with embedded Kubernetes. You can benefit from all the power of Docker and K8 using a minimal set of infrastructure nodes which guarantee a complete high availability setup.


Enable Innovation


Containerization is the process of distributing and deploying applications in a portable and predictable way. We support you by packaging application code and its dependencies into standardized, isolated, lightweight process environments based on Docker containers.


Enable Developers


By automating much of the software deployment process, the resulting ease and reliability inspires the confidence to release frequently. This allows for continuous feedback to be rapidly incorporated into future releases and for software development to be truly agile.


Enable Automation

Managed infrastructure

Take advantage of our managed infrastructure solutions for improved user responsibility, controlled resource consumption and maximum productivity. Managed Kubernetes & Rancher / OpenShift TTSS offers a highly scalable Kubernetes as a service to allow developers to run container-based applications and scale as needed eliminating all other manual management, monitoring and scaling tasks.


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