Swiss container platform based on Rancher 2.0 / OpenShift & Kubernetes

Containers change the way you develop and run your software. Containerizing applications makes it easy to separate key application elements from your infrastructure. While it makes good DevOps sense to treat software this way, you're also making it easier to scale services with changing demand.


  • This will enable you to have a faster and painless release cycle using the features of containers
  • Easily scale the workload based on your needs

Painless Container Management with Rancher 2.0 / OpenShift , Kubernetes



Rancher / OpenShift makes it easy to deploy and manage Kubernetes in production. Kubernetes requires a number of services and technologies for production workloads, like storage, networking, and role-based access control. And by using Rancher / OpenShift Labs, the process of selecting, installing, and configuring everything you need is all done through a point and click user interface. This enables us to create and manage Kubernetes clusters even without using cloud services like Amazon, Google or Azure. You control your data and resources and have the freedom to use the power of your application without surprises. You choose if it runs on-premise or in the cloud like innofield (Swiss), Azure, Google or Amazon.

Managed Private Cloud

Take full advantage of our managed services that will allow you to bring your business to the cloud faster, removing from your team the duty to maintain and support. We will create for you a highly reliable and scalable cloud infrastructure to meet not only your present needs, but also with the future in mind.

Unmanaged Private Cloud

Already have a team for managing your private cloud? Then we'll create the infrastructure and leave the maintenance to you. We will still be available for workshops, webinars, instruction and support.

Shared Platform Cloud

Take full advantage of the Swiss Shared Platform and lower your business risk by adding in critical maintenance, optimization and support from TTSS.


Let us create your own private cloud on your machines. Take full advantage of our Managed or Unmanaged Cloud platform and unleash the power of your application on your own machines!

Additional Service

We fully support, manage and monitor for you the infrastructure, ensuring optimized service delivery so you can have a good night's rest. We provide incident management and 24x7 support.

Docker Partner

TTSS is a Docker Consulting & Training Partner in Switzerland and has since 2015 experience with Docker in production. TTSS supports the entire transformation process from the traditional way to fully integrated solution.

Put your docker platform in the hands of TTSS!

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